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Updated: 4/8/2006


What if the time entity could control/modify the past

A being with micromanagement of the past events.

could be given direct access to the developer tools on a permission system

Set the world's towns/etc to all or nothing.

must have a reason to have fun with this though

It's almost like creating your own utopia or hell

You could set up a world more challenging then initially designed.

View by generation, then major event, then minor event.

Each event would have data that could be changed maybe.

Have another data storage field in the nodetype table for permissions. Default should be administrator only.


Story Problems to solve.

Newborn characters must be mature before they can journey.

What happens to teams / parties / armies when members die?

The player must deal with true loss.  Impossible to live forever as one character alone.

The family conversation trees.  Generation unlocking...

Members that die, just die.  No member is required for the main story.  Mini-stories may require the skills of certain persons.   When a character dies, the goals related to that character must still be treated somehow.

Many characters should retain a memory of their experiences.  These experiences could be inherited from other places in the node tree.
Some will be personal experiences.  Like falling in love with one of the player's characters and asking after him when one of his teammates comes around.   The character would be able to respond with the fact they've died, or had to go somewhere else.

This suggests that every character must have a set of missions that are stored.  So that they can be queried and conversations can be built to include them.

memories should be built with ID's so they can be compressed VERY small.

The good thing is that a memory is destroyed when a soul is released.


Journeys and goals should be able to be calculated per character?


fighting in the same area for a long time will continue to be useful.  Instead of flattening out.  Creature give birth to new generations + the master race introduces new threats occassionally.

Magic / tech could prevent evolution. 

different story quote:
I shall unravel your true past.  In time, you'll come to know me as the one who gave purpose to your existence.

how is the world generated and stored and loaded quickly?

characters are assigned personalities.  each personality has a bank of common language.   the rest of the language is based on quests.

language bank = a collection of dialogue
language banks are made for each of the following
 race, culture, geographic homeland location, sex, personality, job
language bank consists of:
 Make invitations and offers
 Ask yes/no questions
 past experiences
 descriptive keywords

NPCs emote as a way of communicating internal dialogue and exchanging body language.



need to develop rules for combining text -  do i write multiple versions of each line so that it can be combined in different ways? (like combining two sentences on either  end)

an entire race was oblitered save for one unborn child -   the souls of the race  gathered inside this child  and gave him the awareness and power of an entire race -   haven't written beyond that.   I certainly want to flesh out details tremendously after having a balanced structure that makes sense for a role playing game

the child would not know its own greater purpose until it reaches maturity and  some special dramatic circumstances  occur  that reveal  the grand scheme and  understanding that he is the last of his kind and must seek justice / revenge  for his people and release them from their eternal purgatory   -  probably sacrificing himself in doing so -   maybe  depends on choices of player.

Ending 2:  The player's soul splits into a male / female seed that allows the race to live again.

Ending 3: the spirits within the player weaken and become too sparse that they are eventually depleted and the player's sense of mortality returns.  The spirits communicate with the player and let them know they can no longer support him, that he must complete his mission alone -  which i haven't defined yet.

when the player leaves his host in search of a new body, he leaves the host in a sacred place.  He builds a network of these sacred places.  Each host left behind places the body in a state of hibernation that preserves it for the war to come.

So i've established who the player is.   I haven't established the other races and who his enemy is specifically.  The one who annihilated the player's people.  A concentration camp or a large city.   All the people of this world had to be concentrated in some dense location.   The destructive race must not be experienced with genocide yet.  They will have a history of war victories that grew their slave empire.

How is the story of this evil race spread? 

Psychic blocking will become a skill of humans / ghosts perhaps

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