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ghost - the spirit child

Updated: 4/8/2006

The Role of Ghosts


Names will be harsh sounding for the enemy


Leader of the Wuutak


The name for the race that tried to commit genocide


Names for the war/mission that destroyed the people of the spirit child

Kapu Tirakar – On this day, the tears of the Kapu came together inside the spirit child.  This dark unification, sudden and unforeseen unleashed the eternal blackness on the future of Verut.

Name for the people of the spirit child 

Home Region: Kapat - The Kapuquis (cawpookeys) People – abbrev. Kapu -

Root word Kaput (ironic humor: the people are named kaput since they were destroyed)

Name for planet of the spirit child’s people

Verut / Verucians –

Jitome Crystal used for space travel and energy source and weapons

It comes from planet Jito

Planet - Jitome – he was a kind Jitoman – Jito

Name of the spirit child

Larsune (nick: Lars) of Fanharo Kingdom, son of Azune, Azuni Tribes Leader

Name for the people born into the spirit child’s new social network

            The tribes of Azuni – Named in honor of Larsune’s mother Azune –


Good names:

Rala  Apim Jopunel  Bosk   Roskin Raskin Fanharo  Rasvin Rasuin Oson  Rotom Jik Faslite Louten mylen -


Intro for the Kapuquis

The Kapuquis live in the Kapat region, which in Northern Verut on the Froskika continent.  The continent has a number of dormant volcanic islands to the north that are separated by ice patches and the freezing deep of the ocean.  It is a naturally defensive location in the most extreme of environments.  It is here where the Kapu have developed their civilization and become the strongest kingdom in Verut.  They have chosen to live underground in the volcanic caverns of the northern range of the White Kapalt Mountains. This range was named after the giant native four legged beasts that roam the mountain’s cliffs.  The beasts leap great distances and are known to be especially vicious when hunting their prey.  The Kapuquis have learned to tame these beasts to use for battle and transportation.  Underneath the snow-laden mountain surface lay centuries of sculpted tunnels, advanced mining technology, volcanic energy converters, and other Kapu inventions.  The fast-moving underground rivers provide safe travel to most of Verut.  The Kapu have adapted to the rugged north of Verut and have established a long running time of peace throughout Verut by keeping most of Verut under the control of the Kapuquis Empire.  They have military representation in every major Kingdom on Verut.


Each Azuni kingdom will have a playable character.  The limit of Azuni kingdoms is based on how many characters I can create that will still have enough diversity to be an interested well rounded bunch that each serve a unique purpose in the battle against the Wuutak.




Intro for the Wuutak

The Wuutak come from many millions of light years away.  The Wuutak come from two planets, Juta and Zor that share the same orbit .      They were able to reach Verut by use of a Jitome crystal to warp space time to travel more quickly.  This brutal destructive race roams the universe in search of slave labor and resources to expand its death grip and continue to support the people of its toxic home world.  Upon reaching Verut space, they observed the planet in detail and learned that the Kapuquis Empire is the major ruling body.  Destroying the Kapu will be sure to leave an entire planet full of helpless slaves to command.  They begin to systematically unleash hell on the planet.



The End of the War - Kapu Tirakar

The Wuutak were crippled in the devastation.  On the day known as Kapu Tirakar, the Kapu destroyed the Jitome crystal, which was the primary energy source of the invading Wuutak.  The Jitome crystal was aboard the great ship of the Wuutak and carries inside it the power of many suns. 


The entire race known as the Kapuquis had united in the valley of a dormant volcanic island to prepare for the final strike.  In these ending moments, the Kapuquis fell into a deep trance that combined their collective energy and projected a reflective barrier rejecting the initial rays of the Jitome crystal.  As the Jitome crystal overloaded, its barrier was breached and the power of many suns fell upon the island annihilating all in its vast radius include the gathered Kapu, Wuutak, and the great ships nearby.  


The explosion was so great the whole of the island sunk beneath the waves.  As the crushing power of the oceans poured into the relentless fury of the Jitome as the island descended.   As ocean mountains compacted with the downward force of the Jitome explosion, the no longer dormant volcano reacted by erupting underwater.  As the volcano began shooting out millions of shards of burning magma into the vast sea, the steam cloud reached into the outer limits of the atmosphere.   In the following moments, such an imbalance was created that the oceans current shifted inwards toward the blast.  As the Jitome crystal was being absorbed by the planet’s water, the water was being instantly converted to deadly gases and then quickly burned off.  This process continued to form explosive compounds that pulled the ocean walls in and out with gigantic vibrations until finally the crystal have depleted its power.   Suddenly, the volcano eruption soared out from the deeps of the sea.   The waters now pushed outward and threw massive destructive waves to all the world’s coastlines. 


When the volcano first erupted upward from the sea, what was left of the bodies of the Kapu flew into the air along with the scalding stream and magma.  As the debris fell back to the earth, a beautiful form gently floats through the air.  It is a female body with a glowing energy emanating from her womb.  This body gently glides down to the land against a sky of burning smoke and fire.  In a nearby village, everyone has come outside to witness the source of the terrible explosion.  Some of the villagers notice the glowing body falling and set out to find what it is.




The disrupted ocean current and temperature destroyed much of the life in sea within days and the uninhabitable flooded coastlines had severe repercussions for the survivors stranded on a now very unstable Verut.  The volcano would continue to erupt for months to come.  The polar ice caps would rapidly melt causing further flooding and destruction to the coastlines of the world.  The newly formed underwater mountains grew to rise above the oceans and form new chains of islands.


The final explosions were such that they were presumed dead by their own kind.  Yet the Wuutak invaders were not dead.  Their numbers were many and they continued to reign with their dark hold on the planet of Verut.  With the great Kapuquis gone, the other races were swiftly placed under their control.  But without a Jitome crystal, the remaining Wuutak were left stranded without space travel or communications.  Their journey home was impossible since it would take them many life-spans to travel space that great of a distance without using the crystal to warp space and time.  


The people of Verut could see only suffering and slavery in their future.  The Wuutak were forced to use the primitive Verucians to extract the resources need to construct a great ship that will allow them to return to Jito to extract another Jitome crystal.       But these basic people were not very capable or willing and this meant an agonizing time for the Wuutak.  Countless rebel Verucians are scattered across the land without central leadership strong enough to help regain freedom from the Wuutak.  The Verucians are in desperate need of a savior, however, they are unaware they already have one among them.


Back to the Kapu Tirakar


On Kapu Tirakar, those villagers found a beautiful female.  In her dying breathe, she told them that she was Azune, the last of the Kapu and her unborn child must survive at all cost.  The young man swore that he would protect the child as his own and she released him and fell silent and still.  They immediately forced the birth of her premature infant boy.  He did not scream or cry and his pulse was very faint.  They hurried back to the village to see what aide they give him.


At the village, a shocking thing happened, the infant opened its eyes and said “I am Larsune, son of Azune.” and he fell into a deep sleep.  The villagers could not believe the boy had spoken so clearly.   They were scared they had brought some demon into their midst.  They wanted to kill the boy, but were too curious and had to know if it were really true that he could talk.  Everyone gathered around awaiting the end of his slumber.  Several hours later, the body of the boy came to motion and everyone became alert.  The guards clenched their swords tight.  The boy sat up and radiated with calming energy.  The villagers felt an overwhelming sense that they were safe and the tension of the room reduced.  “I come to you on the tears of the Kapu with hope and purpose.  Verut will unite and be free from Wuutak.  But first, we must grow, I must grow.  Help me, help you.”  The villagers obeyed and it began.  They careful protected and raised the child who was a man in return for the promise of peace through this mysterious boy.  He became known as Spirit Child of Kapu Tirakar – “On this day, the tears of the Kapu came together inside the spirit child.  This dark unification, sudden and unforeseen unleashed the eternal blackness on the future of Verut.”


As the boy aged, his power and importance became known to everyone on Verut.  The souls of the entire Kapu race had unified inside him so that he would become the great equalizer that ends the eternal black on Verut.  At 2 years of age, it was clear Larsune had wisdom many times greater then the oldest among them.  Soon, he was preparing his followers for what was to come.  For the first, the scattered rebels became united under one front.  Larsune soon named his followers the Azuni tribes in honor of his mother Azune.  At the age of 3, Larsune had his people establish the first Azuni Kingdom hidden among the abandoning mining caves of the mountain.  They fortified their underground network and continued to spread throughout the world establishing secret isolated communities under the protection of the Azuni.


How did Larsune command such authority over people?   All who questioned him were reassured just by his presence.  An outsider might say the Azuni were possessed by the Kapuquis spirits within Larsune.  But the Azuni had unquestionable faith in Larsune and needed no reason to support his purpose. 


The Azuni

Every action done by Larsune is done through possession, he must be careful not to weaken the race consciousness too greatly to where it prevents success.  The Azuni were forbidden to reproduce or invite outsiders.   Only Larsune could bestow this power.


Larsune built the Hidden Azuni Kingdoms to gather the most intelligent and courageous among the Verucians.  He knew that he must do this before he reaches maturity.  Once mature, Larsune would visit each of his kingdoms and have a child with the queen of each kingdom.   After planting his seeds, these children would now share the race consciousness equally with Larsune.  They would be protected alongside him to prepare for the final battle to overthrow the great Wuutak once and for all.


Since each new birth from the Kapu bloodline reduces their individual strength, it is paramount that breeding rights are restricted.  When a Kapu dies, the soul returns to the remaining surviving Kapu.  Larsune is the only one with the breeding right.  All other Kapu must never plant their seed.  By protecting Larsune and giving only him the breeding rights, the future of the people of Verut is protected.  No Azuni would give birth to a Kapu child that is not Larsune’s.  A Kapu is forbidden to spread their seed outside the Azuni Tribes. Should this happen there could be a split in power and Larsune may have a new enemy, his own people.


It’s not possible for another race to rival the power of the Kapu bloodline since they would have to be nearly extinct to obtain such power.   The diverse skills and training provided by the Azuni kingdoms are unequalled anywhere in the world.   However, the Wuutak are a brutal race and there is still much to risk in the final battle.  And with the chance of a split in the Kapu power structure, anything could happen.  Also one must remember that the Wuutak grow with each one killed unless the souls are captured.  All things are in an effort to return to balance.  By overthrowing the Wuutak, an imbalance is created in the universe.  The off-world Wuutak may take notice and return to Verut to investigate.


The Wuutak were trying to consume the spirits of the Kapuquis to expand their race consciousness, but it the Jitome catastrophe made them fall short of the end goal.  It would be a disgrace to return to their planet a failure.  So even after building their great ship, they stay to finish the job.    However, one must be extremely powerful spiritually to consume the spirit of an entire race.  So they decide to reduce the power of the Kapu by capturing one of them and forcing them to reproduce and containing all the Kapu babies in a slave prison.   The Wuutak learn that genetic cloning creates a very weak soul that is not bound to the race consciousness, but it still useful for slave labor.  They perform genetic manipulation on the Kapu babies to accelerate their growth so they mature and reproduce exponentially faster.  This also lets the Wuutak force them to reproduce with their own kind, which doubly weakens the Kapuquis race.   They manage to get the genetically altered, severely deformed Kapu to grow to maturity in only 2 years.  At this rate, the Kapu will be utterly weak in just 5 years.   



Intro for the game (everything above was prologue)

The player starts as one of the Kapu that has just got up in the middle of the woods and has amnesia.  This lets you start with a blank slate and rediscover yourself.  He soon finds himself in danger as these alien men are chasing him through the woods.   He hears someone call for him with a friendly voice and heads in their direction.  They go into hiding until the stalkers are gone.  Afterwards, the Kapu tells the mysterious friend that he has amnesia.  The friend goes on to tell him not to fear.  Just come with him and we’ll jog your memory on the way back to the village.  His journey continues as a Kapu in training for the great battle.  He leads various journeys that occasionally meet up with the other Kapu kingdoms. Sometimes he joins forces with the other Kapu on a quest.  


Throughout his journeys, he has flashbacks about events in the race consciousness and his abduction by the Wuutak.   All this is very confusing to him since he doesn’t remember experiencing any of it.  He keeps it hidden inside him.   Eventually, the other Kapu begin to pull bits and pieces of his memory out into the open and suggest he should see Larsune in person to discuss the matter.   When he meets Larsune for the first, he feels compelled to share all his dreams for the first time with anyone.   Larsune grows gravely concerned over this information.  He remembers being part of a mass-breeding program overseen by the Wuutak in some strange lab.  He was forced to spread his seed with many other Verucians women and he saw the Kapu baby slave labor prisons. He saw the genetic testing labs where they were altering the growth rate of the Kapu.  The Kapu are becoming infinitely weakened by this terrible mass reproduction scheme.  He apologizes for not revealing this information sooner, but he had to be sure that it was not his imagination.   I can remember the terrible sights as clear as day now.  They haunt me and the race consciousness screams to us all in agony.  Larsune talks about how the Wuutak must know our locations and have spies planted throughout the Azuni Tribes.  We Kapu must come together now and devise a plan to destroy these reproduction facilities to restore our strength.  We must be careful to avoid confronting the Wuutak until our race consciousness has become more unified once again.   We must do what is right and end this genetic terror on our kind.



Reasoning for the Wuutak to release the kapu

A Wuutak spy learns one of the Kapu was going to travel the Asfuna.  The great currents had a number of dangers so it was not uncommon for ships to be lost.  They plotted to intercept and destroy the ship while capturing its precious cargo, the kapu.  Their plan succeeded and they drugged the Kapu for safe transit to the breeding facility.    Using their advanced technology, they staged an elaborate dream for the Kapu.   The Wuutak made him believe peace was restored and his new goal was to reproduce infinitely to restore the numbers of the Kauquis.  He willing shared himself with the masses, which were actually slaves of the Wuutak.   For days, this went on and eventually the Wuutak were done with him.  Despite having fortified their city to an extreme, the Wuutak were aware of the great spiritual power that Kapu held within them and they couldn’t risk holding on to a kapu if he became immune to the drugs.  They also couldn’t kill him now because that would make the other kapu stronger and they would discover one of their kind has died.  The longest one could survive the open sea, was 3 Verucian days.  So on the third day,   they plant new memories in the Kapu showing that his ship was destroyed in a great storm and he was barely survived floating to shore.  This makes his disappearance look like an accident and he wouldn’t be the wiser.     

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