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Updated: 4/8/2006

Story Revision Planning

This document tracks the strengths and weaknesses of my story ideas.

Good Ideas


Balance - What we do in our world has an inverse effect in the other world.

When the outer universe reaches critical mass it inverses itself with the

  inner universe. Therefore they become the opposite. 


Generations - Leveling up can be done on a generational level instead of on an individual level.   The game would skip large gaps of time.  Perhaps interactively as a simulation.  The simulation could slow down just to play out the key elements in the story.  


Sense of long Journey – The journey taken can be seen through generations instead of walking from this town to that town.


Interactive Emotions -  The player can control his emotions during conversations to alter the world around him.  If the entire world is a simulation of interactions, then the world is very unique.  I had worked out number to determine whether it could all be stored in a history.  I think returning to key points in the game is interesting still.  Lets not make it any day though.


Interactive Evolution – Either by breeding or genetic manipulation throughout your life.  Adapting to increasingly difficult situations may require more then what is naturally possible.  Technology to accelerate evolution can be a part of the story.  It can root itself in either fantasy or science fiction.


Diversity – prevents utopia and creates smaller groups of people that share beliefs.


Ghosts – clinging beyond death was partial reason for the game’s title “grasp of the fallen”.  Its still optional to have this be the only meaning of that phrase.


Things to avoid


Meaning of life - The game will not get abstracted into the meaning of the universe.  It will focus on the race wars.


Immortality – The player should be mortal.  Immortality can be the ending, but not part of the game. Not going to prevent life/death cycle.  Becoming a god is the aim of a flawed character.  This flaw causes tragedy.  Mortality is absolute truth.


Preaching - All the beliefs and science need to be centered around the culture of the characters in the game.  Always explore truth through characters.  This will protect the story from being criticized and make the characters’ flaws more important.  It will allow the player to hate/love the characters instead of the game.


Buzz words – Use of current popular terminology will cause the player to judge the accuracy of the story instead of enjoying it.   Lets try to make allusions without being direct.  Create new names for concepts that have loaded meaning and lack my research.  (examples, nanotechnology, physics concepts)


Utopia – This is not very human.  Only a flawed reality is believable.


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