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XML Location Event Structure

Updated: 6/15/2004

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<time name="The Eternal" description="The root for the entire event system">
<universe name="?" description="The physical root of all existence">
<space description="the void between bodies of mass">
<galaxy1 name="Milky Way" description="Group of planets familiar to humans">
<sun1 name="Sun" description="The only one in this galaxy">
<planet1 name="Earth" lengthOfDay="1" description="homeworld of humanity">
<moon1 name="" description="Another body of mass orbiting this planet">
<atmosphere name="Sky" description="The space that holds all the gases">
<storm1 name="Hurricane" location="coordinates here" description="Terribly destructive natural force" />

<surface name="Land" description="The land and water of the planet">
<continent1 name="?" description="">
<region1 name="?" description="a subdivision of a continent">
<bridge1 name="Big Crossing" />
<lake1 />
<mountain1 />
<town1 name="Tibawu">
 <building1 type="house" name="Mary's Place">
 <story1 name="First Floor" description="?">
 <story2 name="Second Floor" description="?">
  <room1 name="Mary's Bedroom">
   <character1 name="Mary">
   <stats hp="100" etc="" />
<town2 name="Tairo" othertowns="Calsura - Lonata – Tehsurah - Jasumak – Kilao Genuhil - Sinark">
<forest1 />
<desert1 />
<island1 />



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