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Updated: 6/15/2004

New Game
When starting a new game, the player would make a username and password for his game. This ID would be used to login to the game and the website both. All the information for their game is stored in their account on the web server in a database. All options the player chooses and their game saves are stored on the web. The game will only use the internet when the player saves or loads a game. This will ensure the game runs fast on the player’s computer regardless of their internet connection.

The web site will feature strong community elements.

The players will be able to have threaded discussions and start their own topics. The discussions will be administrated by the game developers. The main threads will be created only by an administrator. There will be a thread where the players can request additions to the game, and tell the developers about any problems they might find in the game.

It will be possible to auction the items you find in the game on the website. The actual game currency will be used by other players to place bids on rare items that some players find. Players could also auction their save games. A description of where the player is at and other vital statistics about the save game will be viewable by the other players so they can’t be taken advantage of.

Players can browser other player’s games. Choose items from the game and place an offer for the item. The player is notified when he launches the game. The player has the option to accept or deny offers. He can launch the site to leave a message for the other player

The best images will be posted to demonstrate all the game’s strengths.

Streaming video
Clips of in-game action will also be available for download.

Game demo
The visitor can download a limited version of the game featuring a peek at the battle system and intro to the game.

When new versions are released, registered users can download them for free.

The game will use server-side authentication, so it can’t be “warez”. This means director will fail to load without a proper login to our server.

Developer’s Comments

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