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Time Engine

Updated: 6/15/2004

The in-game clock runs at realtime speed and is used to organize events. Time lapses faster when you are sleeping, traveling, and participating in other events that involve time lapse.

The game features realistic night to day transitions with story-based events that require it to be night or day for the event.

Almost everything in the game will be timestamped

timestamp format
year & month & day & hour & minute & second

A date c++ class will return the date in several formats. The timestamp format is best used for exact timestamp comparisons.



An example of time as seen through the scope of a town and it's variables. All related to it's complete destruction which is possible for every town. Everything can die and be reborn inheriting traits of previous generations.

A list of what can happen to each game object. Then you must determine its current traits. once you have the current traits you can determine it's existence, you just need to calculate based on a "region" limitation.

It's actually a child parent relationship tree. existence has to change on a small scale that spirals outward slowly influencing everything even though its root was the initial parent relationship.

Upon completion of events a process needs to take place that considers it's result with all the parents to the root.

Each event will have a classification that relates to how many branches of the EVENT TREE

a town event will update the history of all things in that town and below it.

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