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Updated: 4/8/2006

Mind Energy

The overall power of one's mind

  • Intelligence
    • Based on character’s class. Influence mind attack speed.
  • Knowledge
    • What they learn in libraries.
  • Magic Potential
    • The ability of the character to cast magic spells
  • Magic Resistance
    • The ability of the character to resist magic spells
  • Elements
    • track the development of each element separately

      Physical Energy

      The overall power of one’s body

      • Strength
        • Based on character’s class, weapon
      • Stamina
        • Amount of damage a character can withstand
      • Agility
        Quickness, ability to block/dodge an attack. Also determines precedence in turn-based battles.
      • Charisma
        • Personal attractiveness that enables you to influence others
      • Accuracy
        • hit rate (percentage)
        • Using weapons your character isn’t skilled with decreases your accuracy. As you become powerful, accuracy influences physical energy less, and you become well-rounded.

      Other Traits

      • Luck
        • Amount of luck a character has
      • Group Combinations
        • The more times you combine your attacks with a character, the more compatible your actions will become and your combined action increases it's effectiveness.
      • Consciousness
        • alert, tired, wounded, sleepy, sick, near dead
      • Attitude
        • Aggressive, Passive, Neutral
      • Weapon Skill
        • sword, whip, bow/arrow, axe, spear, gun?
      • Elemental Alignment
        • water, ice, lightning, fire, earth, wind, energy, light, dark, time, space, neutral
      • State
        • normal, stunned, dead, movement, attack, defend, hit
      • Wealth
        • land / resources / money / intellectual property
      • Enemy Types
        • Flying / Ground
          Small / Large
          Movable / Unmovable
          Boss / Regular
          Human / Monster
          Regenerating / One kill
          Magic Only / Attack Only
          Magic Absorb / Attack Absorb
          Elemental / Neutral

      Spiritual Energy:

      • Perception
        • Provides access to the powers of the collective unconscious
      • Connection
        • Alters the intensity of the connection to the collective unconscious
      • Devotion 
        • Having a clear direction irregardless of success (percentage/fuzzy logic) 
        • Changes in the mind, body and soul in a direction different then you current direction limit the amount of devotion you can have until everything becomes balanced and increases altogether.  Therefore it is easier to develop only the mind or only the body in 1 way to have high devotion, but this leaves you not very well-rounded.   The player has to balance his party better when devotion is high among the party members.
      • Control
        • Determines the effectiveness of controlling other souls, measured independently for each race.

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