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Scripted Animation

Updated: 6/15/2004

Design engine to not need user input… Make animation possible based on magnitude vector and calls to one of the states above with any necessary parameters. This is most useful for events when player loses control and as a steering mechanism for NPCs.

Sequence of actions, switch between a few to create variety
Waypoints + attack anything on the way

To attack

make A.I. "see" the enemy.

if short range weapon

  • make enemy a waypoint
  • attack once within attack range

if long range weapon

if magic attack

To defend

detect enemy attacks

  • if dodge = possible then dodge
  • else defend

detect enemy magic

  • Determine element (target is always unknown)
  • If A.I. is set to help group, cast magic defense spell to all
  • else cast magic defense to self

A.I. can team up with other A.I. automatically
it can perform all battle commands
The results are determined by experience levels so the computer is programmed to lose.

aggressive or passive


constraint( ?, ?)

collision(object1, object2)

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