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Possession and Other notes

Updated: 4/8/2006

What is possible with Possession?


Possession is not just physical control of a creature; it is also the mental control to get what you want from them.  The Kapu use this ability to control the Azuni tribes and also against their enemies.  However, spiritual possession requires great effort and experience, so the Kapu also use their mind and body as weapons when spiritual energies are ineffective.  But when it is effective, possession can give the Kapu a commanding presence.   They can instill fear, hatred, pain, paralysis, sometimes even instant death. Things like forces an enemy to commit suicide by running off a cliff, or pushing them around, even stop their heart.  You could use an enemy as a weapon against other enemies.   Use other creatures as transportation by sea, air, through the ground, on ice, across a desert or a field…


Idea – birds fly above – the player targets them with Larsune and he controls them so the party can fly somewhere until the birds are exhausted.  This prevents travel over sea until the party finds other means by sea or larger flying creatures. 


Every untimely death results in a ghost that tries to return to its people and strengthen the race.  At first a ghost has to adjust to its new existence and will wander for a moment before realizing its purpose, to return to the race consciousness.   During this hesitation, the souls can be captured by those who have enough experience in their spirituality.   To capture a ghost, you must be able to leave your body and grab the ghost within a set amount of time, then return to your body.   If you run out of time before you return to your body, then the ghost gets away, even if you grabbed them.   If you are attacked while out of your body, you absorb increased damage and automatically return to your body as fast as possible.  Spiritual energy increases and decreases depending on how successful you are harvesting souls.  When spiritual energy is depleted, you must meditate or sleep to regain the power of the race consciousness.  The race consciousness is only a fraction of the spiritual level one can achieve.  So it is advantageous to never lose your spiritual energy. 


Visual Ideas:  The ghost is a transparent glowing version of character.  When the player is attacked, the animation for the ghost changes to show it painfully being sucked backwards towards the player.  The player loses control of the ghost until it comes back, so its dangerous to stray too far from the body, otherwise your host is lost.


When fighting multiple enemies of the same race, each one that dies combines with the closest remaining of the same race.  The spiritual powers are then combined










This means the universe is always aware of how many of each race is alive, as the numbers of a race decrease the remaining members of the race grow stronger.  To eliminate a race, one must fight its most powerful member who has acquired the entire race’s consciousness.  If no child bearing member of the race survives, the last member must cross-breed with another race or accepts the loss of his entire people.  Larsune was the last of the Kapu and had to cross-breed with his members of his carefully trained Azuni Tribes.


If the Wuutak capture a Kapu and force them to reproduce repeatedly, the Wuutak would be able to severely weaken the Kapu and possibly defeat the Azuni tribes.  This time the Wuutak would be extremely thorough in their slaughter to prevent another Spirit Child from being born.  The souls of the Kapu must be completely lost for the Wuutak to win.


SimCity Spore Secret of Mana

Let the player choose the control system he wants to use and master.  


For communication delay, instead of faking it, have real NPCs control the flow of information.  You can hunt them down and kill them if you don’t want information to get out.   Or you can pay thugs to do it for you.   Hopefully they’ll trust you…   The conversation system and your allegiances and charisma will determine that.

The allegiances between node grow and shrink based on how well they are maintained.  Some connections like an assigned quest, marriage or a war strengthen an allegiance even over great distance and time.  The strength of the allegiance is calculated based on how long ago and how important your contribution to the allegiance was.


Sleep – every character has a tiredness factor that eventually overrides the importance of their current goal.  So they must find shelter and sleep.   Sometimes sleep is delayed due to an immediate threat, but the character is greatly weakened under sleep deprivation.  The character must plan its journey so that it safely includes remedies to getting tired.  For example, meditating in shorter spans, eating food & herbs.  Extended tiredness eventually drains from your stamina and permanently limits your health meter.  Commerce is effected by sleep.   There can’t be more travelers then the destinations allow.   The accommodations at the destination must be reserved for the characters that are arriving.  Overpopulation will lead to crime, disease and other dangers from sleeping outdoors. 


A guy from france visits germany who is the enemy.  Another guy from Britain visits germany who is an ally.   The allegiance becomes negative when its an enemy or crime.  It only stays neutral when there is no conflict.   Small crimes don’t cause much of a stir.  But things get organized when numerous serious crimes are committed.   A search team might be sent to eliminate the threat.  Guards spread throughout the land will be notified and on the look-out.  each node has a memory of events that have occurred.  For example, the guard will be notified to remember to look for the criminal and its severity.  He might need to know about the crime itself so he can make a personal decision on whether to obey orders or do something selfish.  He may except a bribe for a lesser crime or just ignore the command.


How to store communication between nodes


            int * event;

            char command; // bit flags?  Limit operations on an event, what would be all operations?


8 Emotional reactions to the memory.  If they are turned on, then they are activated.


If angry |

love near (1,0,0)
hate near (0,1,0)
indifference near (0.5,0.5,0)
joy near (1,0,1)
grief near (0,1,1)
boredom near (0.5,0.5,1)
happiness near (1,0,2)
sadness near (0,1,2)
conformity near (0.5,0.5,2)
ecstasy near (1,0.5,0.3)
rage near (0.4,1,1.5)
pride near (1,0,1.5)
shame near (0,1,1.5)
anger near (0,1,2.5)
jealousy near (1,0.8,0)
lust near (0.8,0.3,2.7)
sorrow near (0,1,0.5)
revenge near (0.5,1,0.5)
tenderness near (1,0.2,2.3)
enthusiasm near (1,0,1.3)
surprise near (0.8,0.8,2)


21 emotions


Supply & Demand

The main goods are for construction, food and pleasure.  If a region is overrun with danger, the farmers killed, the supply is cut off and the people hit a recession as the enemy steals/destroys their resources.    The whole world is constantly growing, but sometimes a growing pain is hit in times of conflict and one side falls, forever lost.

Raw & Refined resources are traded including food.  Being a merchant yourself is possible.  You take offers from suppliers and set your margins to handle the overhead.


Calculating devotion

Some stats are relative to the rest of the world and others are absolute.

Influence is very dynamic

I need to have the min max and average for every stat in the world. 


For example, attacking with a dagger as a human against a giant demon with an ax.  The dagger is weaker then the ax and the demon has a size & reach advantage.  The human has a speed advantage, maybe more.   Every statistic is considered in each transaction between nodes.  Many will be ineffective and not included, but they are still inspected.




When a node completes a goal:

A transaction occurs that effects the economy

The Supply & Demand virtual economy may be updated.


Scavengers will find resources left behind by others.   You could bring a team to carry your resources.  You might have to drop your resources to do battle or rush somewhere.   There is always increased risk when traveling with too many resources.   Criminals become hunted by the allegiances they steal from.  However, a criminal doesn’t always get caught.  You can get away with things a long time.  But eventually, a witness or survivor will spread the tale, and you’ll gain enemies.   Carrying too many refined goods from another allegiance gathers suspicions and you will often have to justify the reason.   You can pay to convert your goods to bear the mark of your allegiance so your distant allies increase their confidence in you.


Split in Allegiances

As allegiances grow, they may form new divisions and split. The splits will often lead to violence and anarchy pushing all members of the allegiances to abandon the cause or join a side.  Splits happen when a growing minority rallies behind a new set of solutions to problems afflicting the society eventually overthrowing the majority, isolating themselves or being defeated.


All the problems of society:

Class structure (example: Widening of the gap between the rich and poor)

Fussell's model:   (also see Warnerian, Marxian / 2 and 3 class systems)

  1. Top out-of-sight: the super-rich, heirs to huge fortunes
  2. Upper Class: rich celebrities and people who can afford full-time domestic staff
  3. Upper-Middle Class: self-made well-educated professionals
  4. Middle Class: office workers
  5. High Prole: skilled blue-collar workers
  6. Mid Prole: workers in factories and the service industry
  7. Low Prole: manual laborers
  8. Destitute: the homeless
  9. Bottom out-of-sight: those incarcerated in prisons and institutions

Unemployment % and reason why they are unemployed

Security & Defense (Crime / Punishment / Law / Threat of invasion & destruction / protection of intellectual property)


Culture (lifestyle / arts / ceremonies / rituals)

Environment / Climate (pollution / global warming / natural disasters)

The state of the allies (macroeconomics)

Population density

Education, Arts, History, Science & Technology

Health (Starvation, disease, birth defects, death)

Business (Supply & Demand of Economy Meeting the Demand for Resources & Growth


Communication (locally and worldwide depending on its importance to the rest of society, for example, smaller self-sustaining societies can exist in isolation)

Political Structure  (Absolute monarchy - Anarchism - Aristocracy - Autocracy - Democracy - Despotism - Dictatorship - Monarchy - Ochlocracy - Oligarchy - Panarchy - Plutocracy - Technocracy - Theocracy -Tyranny -)  The question of equality and who provides for all


How much is happening at once for the world simulation to be realistic?

Nodes travel, communicate, battle, rest and complete goals.

The stats for each node are updated based on allegiances

Each node calculates the changes that are to occur in the childed nodes. Changes don’t occur until enough value is accumulated in the direction of the change.

Re-calculate the maintenance of allegiances between all nodes. 

Update world clock and update the tiredness / sleep status for all affected nodes.

Everything grows older with a dynamic lifespan that can end unexpectedly, but usually doesn’t.

Refactor political structure (requires research into how forms of government evolve)

            Each node prefers a certain solution to each problem of society.   The sum determines the direction society goes.  However, some individuals hold greater power then other nodes.   There is a multiplier that changes the amount of influence each node has.  The Kapu have very high influence. Influence is another “other” stat for each node.  Influence is relative to where you are and who you are with.


Calculate Environmental health – Certain lifeforms flourish in unhealthy environments (only after evolution).  This needs to be a fuzzy stat or many stats  like  water / air / destruction of nature through farming / industry / population density (relative to world)



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