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Moods & Emotions

Updated: 6/15/2004

The player sets the mood of their character. When interacting with other characters they will produce different emotional responses to your mood. The conversation path will vary widely based on this system.

This will have the effect of unlocking many events. Examples would be getting a Date with a girl by treating her emotions in a way she likes.


Emotion Vector
love near (1,0,0)
hate near (0,1,0)
indifference near (0.5,0.5,0)
joy near (1,0,1)
grief near (0,1,1)
boredom near (0.5,0.5,1)
happiness near (1,0,2)
sadness near (0,1,2)
conformity near (0.5,0.5,2)
ecstasy near (1,0.5,0.3)
rage near (0.4,1,1.5)
pride near (1,0,1.5)
shame near (0,1,1.5)
anger near (0,1,2.5)
jealousy near (1,0.8,0)
lust near (0.8,0.3,2.7)
sorrow near (0,1,0.5)
revenge near (0.5,1,0.5)
tenderness near (1,0.2,2.3)
enthusiasm near (1,0,1.3)
surprise near (0.8,0.8,2)

Setting Limits in the input of conversations and making this an automated process

what makes a conversation unique.

Per event we have a conversation tree with all outcomes posted.

need to choose the Event Scope

Input Emotion

Output Emotion

What effect does this event have on each character in town? This is what determines how the story dialogue is chosen most of the time.

When choosing Event scope, perhaps there should be a way to define the effect for all characters related to that event


For each outcome there should be a multitude of written descriptions that are used to peice together conversations for each character in the world related to that event. Keywords that unlock paths previously inaccessible and ?

possible reactions to an event based on personality and race (either of which may be irrelevant based on the event)


When creating conversation with form input, make a drop down menu for emotional response.

Emotion Data Type


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