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Updated: 6/15/2004

The player learns individual spells from their alien relic, and also from the other characters in their party. When a character casts a spell, the other characters in the party learn part of it. After seeing the spell enough, the other character can perform it. Once the player learns all the spells their relic holds, they can release the spirit of the relic to do a higher level spell. Each spirit can only be summoned by its original owner, and can’t be learned by the other characters.


Story – get magic abilities implanted
Religious worship
Intelligence stats allow magic learning by any character class
Elemental Alignments accelerate magic learning and increase both magic defensive and offensive power for the defined alignments
Magicians have core magic which are innate and don’t drain magic energy, this is in place of have very weak weapon attacking. They will use core magic as their primary attack.
This will mean immune enemies will be undefeatable.
Spells gain levels – they can reach a master level
(spells become more massive as level increases with high devotion)

Verbal Magic

Learning Magic

Creating Magic

White Magic

Black Magic

FF6 Spells

Magic Spells

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