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Intro for game

Updated: 4/8/2006

Intro for the game (everything above was prologue)

The player starts as one of the Kapu that has just got up in the middle of the woods and has amnesia.  This lets you start with a blank slate and rediscover yourself.  He soon finds himself in danger as these alien men are chasing him through the woods.   He hears someone call for him with a friendly voice and heads in their direction.  They go into hiding until the stalkers are gone.  Afterwards, the Kapu tells the mysterious friend that he has amnesia.  The friend goes on to tell him not to fear.  Just come with him and we’ll jog your memory on the way back to the village.  His journey continues as a Kapu in training for the great battle.  He leads various journeys that occasionally meet up with the other Kapu kingdoms. Sometimes he joins forces with the other Kapu on a quest.  


Throughout his journeys, he has flashbacks about events in the race consciousness and his abduction by the Wuutak.   All this is very confusing to him since he doesn’t remember experiencing any of it.  He keeps it hidden inside him.   Eventually, the other Kapu begin to pull bits and pieces of his memory out into the open and suggest he should see Larsune in person to discuss the matter.   When he meets Larsune for the first, he feels compelled to share all his dreams for the first time with anyone.   Larsune grows gravely concerned over this information.  He remembers being part of a mass-breeding program overseen by the Wuutak in some strange lab.  He was forced to spread his seed with many other Verucians women and he saw the Kapu baby slave labor prisons. He saw the genetic testing labs where they were altering the growth rate of the Kapu.  The Kapu are becoming infinitely weakened by this terrible mass reproduction scheme.  He apologizes for not revealing this information sooner, but he had to be sure that it was not his imagination.   I can remember the terrible sights as clear as day now.  They haunt me and the race consciousness screams to us all in agony.  Larsune talks about how the Wuutak must know our locations and have spies planted throughout the Azuni Tribes.  We Kapu must come together now and devise a plan to destroy these reproduction facilities to restore our strength.  We must be careful to avoid confronting the Wuutak until our race consciousness has become more unified once again.   We must do what is right and end this genetic terror on our kind.


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