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Updated: 4/8/2006


Tibawu - Tairo - Calsura - Lonata – Tehsurah - Jasumak – Kilao Genuhil - Sinark


East Carena - West Carena















The great rivers of Verut change their current throughout the day as the moons orbit the planet.   This allow strategic travel based on time of day.   Also gives another reason to have day night transition as a gameplay element


the gravitational pull is greatest when the moon and the sun are in alignment with verut.  This means the tides are highest on the new and full moons.


Control water current

Non-circular orbit  - motion -  life on icey comit –


“multiple orbits” due to complex configuration of multiple moons and suns is the more likely explanation - amazing orbits !!!


Liqua is where the great currents are rotating around.  The people of liqua have technology that has separated the oceans creating a massive swirling ocean wall surrounding the city, which lies on the ocean floor.   Only the people can navigate the currents to safely enter Liqua, everyone else must fly inside the vortex.


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