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General Info

Updated: 6/15/2004

Character say a brief summary after you talk to them once.

If you repetitively talk to a character they will become mad at you and your charisma will decrease.

Each conversation must answer some question for it to occur at all: who what where when why, how?

who: (is talking) this can be user input or combined with other question modifiers to happen automatically.

Active User or A.I. character id

what: person talking to, event has happened. (combine to get more specific)

Predetermined when map loads

where: location

Predetermined when map loads

when: time and space (how close to position, at exact time?, time range, )

Must increment through events on every frame. Checking if the conditions are met for when

why: because of event...

Event signal activates all things that have the same event id . Events can end before the event conditions for a conversation are met. Some events end when a character has been talked to as well.

User can change emotions before continuing a each section of conversation.

All event objects will be updated incrementally for the required data.

the emotion is variable? or predefined...

the text

the choices

several types of conversations and each break can be a different type. When entering an conversion, i will be able to choose from all of these.

emotion: conversations will be defined per emotion. all available emotions are selected from the database as CSV



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