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Updated: 6/15/2004

Non-linear Gameplay
Storytelling - Multiple Choices - Order - Selection

big story-altering questions.

Give the player choices and have their answer REALLY effect the overall story. I hate games where it doesn't matter what you say. I also hate games where you die instantly when you choose the wrong answer. Decisions really will determine your fate.
player flips a coin
use intelligence to solve a problem
Everything could be based on a multiplier that shifts.
skip fighting a boss?
adult situations
Emotional attachment is vital to character development.
make the player hate his own character; therefore, he'd get rid of that character.
Make certain characters important gameplay devices.
Love other characters?
trick the player by using peer pressure.
Different color situations: Desert, forest, water, cave, mountain, etc.
Typically, there are 5 to 10 monsters in a region. Regions vary in size.


Other names
Severed Tree Cage of Woe Life Limit Perilous Luck
Slave Strain Verve Crusher Fate Constraint The Limit of Fate
Mystic Flow Magic Tides Death of Water Tree Judge of Trees
Single Verdict Shortcoming Frailty solid
restraint Luck Uncertainty Ideas
Fortune Mystics Magic Tides Time
Destiny Judge Journey Balance
Sands stretch Destined Prophet Finite Conception Probable Decision
Predetermined universe Restricted life Perilous Existence
Verve life Arrival Suppression of Encoded liberty
Limited Apparent Unlikely Guidance of the fallen
Struggle control captured unrest constrained
Entangled Slavery Manage direct organize prison
Cage of woe One, Us, All over extension
Severed Tree Perilous roots detained holding grounds
Souls trapped wrapped sealed severed
Breaking Slice Tear Shift slide
Misplaced Control & Entrapment Way of unrest agony
torment trapped Shifting Stagnation Challenge
Urazi, eratuans The Kazurazi Slave holding race
Locked prisoners Chance slave
persistence change lost light dark
fall descent attitude lands
Continuity Despair Desperate

Ideas for specific events (no order implied)

Louten Dream Sequence
The gods played with life. Louten walks into the black void and flips a coin, in the background we see it enlarged with the parents alive on one side. It flips, and on the other side the parents are shown dead. Demons come from the distance closing in on Louten. He runs and runs. Finally exhausted, the demons catch him, and take his soul quite graphically.

“On that day, life was judged
with a one-sided coin
in the hands of evil.”

First Journey
So with the death of his parents, Louten fends his way to the next town getting poisoned by the monsters that attack him along the way. He finally reaches the neighboring kingdom, and passes out at the gates. The peasants bring him to the inn and the innkeeper’s wife looks after Louten. She takes his coin from him while he's asleep and goes downstairs to examine it.

Louten wakes up and notices his coin is gone. He here’s the lady talking about how valuable it must be, they plan to sell it once the boy leaves. He heads downstairs to the women. He immediately approaches the girl, but the husband stops him.

“She has what is mine!” says Louten.

“What is he talking about?” the Innkeeper says.

Women, "I don't know?!"

“Give it to me,” Louten says.

Innkeeper, “now that’s enough, back off! We provided you a night’s rest, you’re no longer welcome, please leave!”

If the player chooses to leave, on his way out of town a weakened traveler Louten leaves the Inn. When you try to leave town a weakened man falls and begs you for help. You bring the man to the Inn, and the innkeeper says, “My brother! What happened?”

“ugh, monsters, couldn’t walk, this man gag! H- h- helped me,” says the brother.

The innkeeper thanks Louten greatly and apologizes for being rude, his wife returns the coin to him and they offer him free stay forever.


If you choose to take the coin by force, you’ll jump past the man, and take the coin from the women. Meanwhile the man grabs a chair and throws is at Louten. Louten put his hands in the air firmly grasping the coin and the chair explodes upon contact and the debris push the innkeeper back.

“You’re a monster, GUARDS! A monster has attacked me,” the Innkeeper shouts.
Louten quickly runs from the Inn. The guards are running towards him. The player fights the guards or runs from the town. If the player fights the guards, more guards come until he does leave the village.

Louten’s Life – Game of chance.
Player see flashback of Louten and his friend flipping a coin to predict outcomes.

A classmate asks Louten, “Did I pass my test?”

Louten flips the coin, “Nope, tails!”

“Damn!” replies the classmate.

Louten says, “Oh don’t worry, I bet you do perfect next time.”

Classmate says, “Cool! All right, see you tomorrow, man!”

As the classmates leaves, Louten flips the coin to see, “Tails…he just isn’t lucky enough.”

“Am I lucky?”, Louten says flipping the coin. “Heads, of course.”

After the flashback…

Louten says to another character, “He failed both tests.”

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