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Event Scheduling

Updated: 6/15/2004

Event scheduling is the system that runs all the things that happen in the game world. When communication reaches a new area, the information is parsed by functions. Some functions will create new game objects that cause events to respond to the information. The player can cause new events to occur by having character do certain actions.

The player could chose to lengthen how long he plays the game by scheduling things further into the future, and gaining more experience and doing side quests. The personality of the player will determine the type of game he plays.

Example events are weddings, feasts, wars, sacrificial ceremonies, on and on...

Every place in the game will have multiple quests that change as time goes on. Most events will be in relationship to each other allow the player to play a longer game. The game becomes more difficult as time passes. The alien threat will adapt to the environment and gains more power. Most humans who resist will be slaughtered.

The longest game possible would let the player witness total human genocide. Even at this point, the player would be able to beat the game.

You could also beat the game quickly by playing smart. Such as becoming a general and leading armies into battle. The player would rush the alien ship and defeat the central threat. You would miss a majority of the game's fun by doing this though.

Types of Events

  • World Events
  • Local Events
  • Character Events


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Time Engine

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Communication Delay

Event Handlers

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