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Central Story

Updated: 6/15/2004

Grasp of the Fallen
grasp: The ability or power to seize or attain; reach
fallen: To undergo conquest or capture, especially as the result of an armed attack

Role Playing Game (RPG)
The best RPG’s came from Japan on the Super Nintendo, these games have been a great creative inspiration in beginning of this project and we hope to live up to the standards of game play these games had.
Beathe of Fire 2 - Chrono Trigger - Final Fantasy 3 - Lufia 2 - Secret of Mana – Zelda

Earth and Space
In a time of kingdoms, knights, magic, and epic battles between good and evil.

Aliens crash land
Louten discovers alien relic
Death of Louten’s parents
Louten’s First Journey

One-line summary

It’s about the balancing of fate among the characters in a journey through a medieval fantasy world where something from the past returns...

The game plays let you play out the journey of a young boy, Louten. He’s been tortured by trauma, punished for his innate ability, and fate rests upon the flip of a coin. Experience a non-linear epic struggle of survival, decision-making and luck.


Thoughts about altering the story…
Do we have to eradicate the alien race? Can we persuade them… Make them become peaceful. Can we relocate our people to a better place. Can we hide from them?
Does killing the race stop the problem? Do the other aliens live in peace with the humans after the evil race is vanquished by the hero.
Is our hero a general of a great army… Can his story just be from outside the wargrounds. Our general would be influencial in the key battles and enemies that he encounters
Can the world be surreal? Can it be in my style rather then harsh grid formation like typical rpgs.

Could we use reincarnation… Can the story span many years… or is it all realtime. If it spans years… can our characters have children that follow in their footsteps. Do our character have a homeland that they often return to. Can we control things about our homeland? Customize the house, town, build things… buy foreign furniture…

Extended Story

An alien ship at the end of its journey enters Earth’s atmosphere. The ship breaks apart, and pieces fly in the air as the ship plummets to a southern continent where the kingdom of Gusere lies.

After the crash, King Gusere orders his troops to explore the strange fire from the sky that landed in the eastern mountains. When they arrive at the foreboding and rocky mountains, the troops find a great ship larger then any castle. As they explore the perimeter, they find a locked door. Upon forcing it open, the men are thrown back. A menacing shadow creeps from the door, absorbing all light. The screams of the soldiers ring in the darkness.

In contrast, the game cuts to another mountain scene, but this one in bright, cheerful colors just after knight training in Fanharo Kingdom has ended. A gang of kids are screaming and chasing the young knight, Louten. Louten is the runt of the knights and he is always tormented by them. While Louten is running through the winding mountains, he sees a shining beam of light fall up ahead. A crashing sound rings in the air from the impact of the object. Louten races to see what it was. He finds a glowing coin-shaped metal lying on the rocks. He loves coins and is fascinated by this one’s ornate carvings. He flips it into the air, and accidentally drops the coin. A small fire bursts from nowhere and the coin quickly bounced back at him. He quickly guards his face, and magically, the coin lands softly in his palm. Louten stares at the fire for a moment and the gang of kids catch up to him.

The bully says, “You can’t run forever, I’m going to stomp you out like this fire.” The bully stomps on the flames and they go out.

Louten tries flipping the coin again and catches it, but nothing happens.

Bully laughs, “Ha! Ha! You think this is a game of chance? Your fate is I’m going to cream you, Sir Luckless!”

Louten squeezes the coin in his fist as the bully approaches him.

“That’s it, hit me, you wimp!” the bully taunts.

Louten swings his girly arm, and the bully falls flat on his back, out cold. The other kids stare shocked as the coin glows in the Louten’s hand. Louten knows inside he didn’t hit very hard, but the kids treat him like he's king because he just beat up the toughest kid in the kingdom. The kids return to town, and Louten is talked about all that day for being so brave and strong. Louten forgets about the coin in his pocket as his self esteem rises.

That night, monsters attack the castle for the first time in ages. All the knights are called to defend the castle. The player takes control of Louten, and helps fight battles against the monsters. But the other knights get severely wounded and lie helpless while Louten defeats the leading monster single-handedly with the aide of his coin’s magic and strength.

The next day, Louten is treated to a feast in the castle, celebrating his heroic deeds. His parents are immensely proud of him. He is asked how he managed to sharpen his skills so well. He tells them about the coin and the bully. The king says magic is something heard of in fairly tales. So everyone thinks Louten is joking. There is great laughter. Louten remains silent and keeps it to himself.

Louten stays in the castle that night. The town is attacked by monsters again. The knights, already very weakened, can’t hold them back. When a knight alerts the castle, Louten immediately goes to the town. Unfortunately, the monsters have already left the town in flaming ruins. Louten finds his parents dead, and vows to fight this evil to the grave.

Louten meets others in his journeys that have also discovered alien relics. The relics all hold unique alien powers. With those powers and determination they will overcome the monsters. Most of the monsters are alien animals which fight anything and everything without much thought. But other aliens use strategy and intelligence to crush the human resistance. They learn our language, and tell us we must come with them, and do their bidding or die. Their goal for the human race is to enslave them all.

The aliens have already enslaved other alien races. These races would feel sorry for the humans, and when the human show strong resistance, the slaves escape their owners and join with the humans.

These enslaved races have learned much about magic and other skills from their journey, and they eventually share this information with Louten and his followers. They explain the alien relic’s powers, and the power of the Alien Lords’ dark magic. Emphasizing the key to victory is in learning this dark magic and using it against the alien leaders. But it will be difficult, and many quests are done to prepare for the battle with the evil aliens.

Once they have learned the dark magic, they need to find transportation to Gusere Kingdom where the aliens have crashed. There is a defensive barrier in the sea around Gusere, and Louten must find a means of flight to reach the enemy.

When they finally get there, they fight their hardest battle and defeat the alien lord with the darkest magic of the aliens. In the ending, Louten and company decide they must send the ship back to the evil aliens’ home world to destroy them all. An ultimate weapon, crafted by the united efforts of the friendly aliens and humans, is attached to the ship. But the weapon does not work when Louten reaches the other world.

Someone must stay aboard the ship to detonate the weapon because of its design. Louten volunteers for this courageous act, and saves the universe from slavery.

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