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Balloons and Birds

Updated: 4/28/2006

colors morph - you head toward

balloons   helium / deflating powerups
avoiding the elements (Fire etc)
sharp objects
going too high
balloon art - like dog shape etc..

[20:56] skyflare21: i think a game about being a bird is interesting 
[20:57] skyflare21: protecting a nest  and the baby bird when it hatches
[20:58] skyflare21: fetching it food
[20:58] skyflare21: moving your nest where it is invaded
[20:58] skyflare21: you gather twigs
[20:58] skyflare21: and avoid predators
[20:58] Ron: would this be a 3d gasme?
[20:59] Ron: because i think users would want to explore and fly
[20:59] skyflare21: i'm thinking sidescroller
[20:59] Ron: really?
[20:59] Ron: like duck hunt sidescroller?
[20:59] skyflare21: hopefully i can draw better then that
[21:00] skyflare21: like castlevania with tiny birds the size of   a shoe or human head
[21:00] skyflare21: you migrate when the seasons change
[21:00] skyflare21: maybe its about the circle of life
[21:01] skyflare21: i'm thinking there is no dialogue
[21:01] skyflare21: its all communicated through  little iconic  signals and  animation
[21:07] skyflare21: i think you don't want to be a bird
[21:07] skyflare21: being a dolphin worked fine 
[21:07] Ron: thats true
[21:07] skyflare21: no one would say ecco had to be 3d
[21:07] Ron: ecco worked out well
[21:08] skyflare21: level design is the difference
[21:08] Ron: i just can't see the bird idea yet playing in my head
[21:08] skyflare21: you create obstacles
[21:08] skyflare21: not wide open nothing
[21:08] skyflare21: if ecco was in the middle of the ocean  it would suck
[21:08] skyflare21: dolphins aren't in constant danger either
[21:09] skyflare21: but your game  can take every known predator and make it a real challenge
[21:09] skyflare21: i'd have to learn what the food chain is for birds
[21:11] skyflare21: the bird could be fast like a sonic game
[21:11] skyflare21: when escaping a predator
[21:12] skyflare21: you could learn how to chirp to communicate
[21:12] skyflare21: call on the flock for help or something
[21:12] skyflare21: create a unique chirp pattern to let your mate identify you   - if they do that
[21:13] skyflare21: penguins do - but they are mammal
you could live go dive-bomb humans in city,  poop on their heads and cars for fun     fly up to the top of a skyscraper and run into windows
: scrounging for food in the city -   getting fed at the park.    
[21:16] skyflare21: learn to recognize the chirps  that mean danger  and the chirps that mean food here - come quick
[21:16] skyflare21: from other birds
[21:17] Ron: its like you're creating a world for the bird
[21:17] skyflare21: pixar thought it was good enough for a short animation 
[21:17] skyflare21: birds on a wire
[21:17] Ron: yeah... but thats different
[21:17] skyflare21: i could have the same concept and humor in the game
[21:18] Ron: perhaps a puzzle game with birds... and dealing with a bunch of them and what they would do in a single situation
[21:20] skyflare21: ya  you can create scenario based game  or an adventure
[21:21] skyflare21: i was thinking more of a level game or open world
[21:21] skyflare21: scenarios are closed world
[21:23] skyflare21: goals like feed the baby 3 worms in 2 minutes 
[21:23] skyflare21: or 20 seconds i duno
[21:26] Ron: maybe doing somehting... like buying mice.. and uncovering earth (wroms) so the birds could react on their own
[21:26] Ron: and survive
[21:27] Ron: collecting branches
[21:28] skyflare21: seeds    eat bugs in trees
[21:28] Ron: by doing "something" you gain experience to A)uncover earth), B)supply twigs... etc.. and the birds decide for themselves what they need to do in order to survive based on what you have laid out for them
[21:28] skyflare21: its like resource management
[21:28] Ron: right
[21:28] Ron: that could be great
[21:28] skyflare21: nest placement could be strategy
[21:28] Ron: resource management game
[21:28] Ron: right
[21:29] skyflare21: local competition and crowding would be some conflict too

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