Grasp of the Fallen

Grasp of the Fallen

Updated: 4/8/2006

This site is a evolving game design document setup to help me, Bruce Kirkpatrick, work through the process of creating an ambitious modern role playing game.  Previously, I was going to use macromedia flash for the game, but I inspired and began work in directx and C++.   The entire project is shifting in a much more serious commercial direction, yet this game is still a hobby for me.  So progress is random. I plan on keeping the core of the game as a 2d tile engine, but may have 3d effects takeover as the project evolves.   The visual style of the game will follow the likeness of RPGs in the Super Nintendo era. SNES RPGs have left wonderful memories in gamers around the world. I often find myself enjoying these classic games more then the current crop of titles.  However, I plan to take advantage of the modern hardware and gameplay evolution that has occured since then.  Games on Nintendo DS and GBA have many subtle improvements over the 16-bit era and I'm taking note of all those fine points and trying to find my areas to innovate.

I was coming up with the basic concept for the game in 2002, so its been going on for a long time.  There is no release date in mind.  I may post tech demos in the future.

Many pages on this site were written in 2004, so please be patient as I update the content to reflect the current iteration of ideas for Grasp of the Fallen.

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